References TV OB-vans

Here are some TV OB-van owner who almost exclusively had installed our noise reduced





Media Mobil Gmbh (Subsidiary of MDR, Middle German Broadcasting, public TV), Leipzig



NDR (North German Broadcasting, public TV), Hamburg



ORF (public TV), Vienna (A)



Plazamedia GmbH (TV and film production), Ismaning/Munich



RBB (Broadcasting Berlin Brandenburg, public TV), Berlin + Potsdam



SIVision Broadcast GmbH, Garching



SR (Saarland Broadcasting, public TV), Saarbrücken



Studio Berlin Adlershof (SBA) GmbH, Berlin



SWR (South West German Broadcasting, public TV), Mainz

SWR (South West German Broadcasting, public TV), Stuttgart


TopVision Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin



TV Skyline Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft mbH, (Film and TV company), Mainz



WDR (West German Broadcasting, largest public TV and radio in Germany), Cologne



ZDF (Second German TV, public TV), Mainz



AUSLAND (ohne A, CH)

BCE Broadcasting Center Europe (RTL Group), Luxemburg (L)



LIVE Productions and Facilities (Abu Dhabi Media Company), Abu Dhabi (UAE)